Shipping Your Watch To Antique Time For Service or Repair.

When you send your watch to Antique Time for service or repair, here are a few instructions to follow. We suggest that you ship your watches using the U. S. Postal Service. They offer many good services. One of the best is the Registered Mail service. We suggest you use this if the watch you are shipping to us is very valuable, such as a Rolex. Registered Mail is always kept under lock and key, and always has to be signed for by any postal employee who handles the package.

All Rolex watches must be sent with a $125.00 service deposit. This amount is deducted from the total cost of the Rolex repair. You can read more about this in the Rolex Forum at this link. Rolex Watch Repair Service Deposit.  This deposit only applies to customers that send their watches to us without contacting us first.  This insures that we have good contact information for billing purposes.
Most watches can be shipped to us by using Priority Mail. This gets to us within 3 Business Days. You can also use Tracking Numbers to determine when your watch arrived at our facility. You can also buy Insurance for your watch that you are shipping.

The U. S. Postal Service is very reliable. In over 30 years we have never had a package lost, nor have our customers had a loss. U. S. Postal Service Web Site.

Here is our shipping address.

Medford, Oregon, 97504

Following is some information from our web site, Antique Time Shipping Information, that explains more about shipping and packaging.

PROPER PACKAGING. When watches are sent to us, it is usually because they are in need of repair or general maintenance. Carefully packing your watch for shipment prevents a simple repair from turning into a complex repair. DON'T over pack or stuff your box so tight with fill material. When you do this, any outside force on the box is directly transmitted to the watch inside of the box. This can cause damage to delicate balance staffs should the package get dropped or thrown during shipment.

ALLOW BREATHING ROOM. Wrap your watch in small bubble wrap and place inside a box that allows at least 3 to 4 inches around the watch. Now use light peanut foam fill material to surround the watch. Don't pack to tight. Allow the watch to "Float" inside the box. This way, should the box get dropped, the watch will be able to move a small amount while the packing material absorbs the impact, thus allowing the watch to gently move while the impact is dissipated. This is the old "Egg In The Box" trick.

PRIORITY MAIL. This is the best way to send us your watch and is also the least expensive. You can also insure express mail for any amount you need and you can also purchase tracking numbers for the package. The Post Office supplies boxes and tape free of charge. Do NOT ship your watch to us using UPS or FedEx or any other carrier. Using them will delay your watch arriving to us. We are located across the street from the post office and pick up our packages there on a daily basis.

EXPRESS MAIL. We return all repairs using Priority Mail or Registered Mail depending upon the value of the item being shipped. Express Mail is available and comes with automatic insurance of $100.00. Additional insurance coverage is available along with tracking numbers. We will NOT ship watches using UPS or FedEx. Watches are classified as jewelry, therefore, UPS and FedEx will not insure them. PLEASE DON'T ASK US TO USE THEM.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. When you ship your watch to us, PLEASE be sure to include your EMAIL ADDRESS with the package. This is very important as we use QuickBooks Pro 2005, which enables us to send you very detailed estimates for your watch repair needs. We also E-mail invoices when your repair or purchase is complete.

SHIPPING SCHEDULE. We ship all completed watch repairs on Saturday and again on Wednesday. This gives us time to bench test all watches and to prepare them for shipment. Remember, "Rush jobs create poor jobs." At times, we use an outside company to handle our packaging and shipping needs. This is usually done with items that we sell at auction. PLEASE don't call our shop to ask when your job or auction item was shipped. We simply don't have the time to stop work in progress and look up this information. Please send us an email with your request.

REMOVE ALL ATTACHMENTS FROM YOUR WATCH. When you send your watch to us, PLEASE remove pocket watch chains, watch fobs and other attachments. This does not apply to watch bands on wrist watches. Please don't send your watch to us in its original factory box. Leaving these items on your watch delays the service process and it is difficult to keep track of these items. We will NOT be responsible for these items. As they have to be removed for case polishing and cleaning.


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