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  Antonov AN-124-100.  The World's second largest aircraft.  Photographed January 25, 2003.

Antonov AN-225.  The World's largest aircraft.

From where I live, the Medford International Airport (MFR) is just about one mile away.  I can sit on my front porch and watch planes come and go.  I have always been rather fascinated by all types of planes, especially the large ones. 

During the last few months I have been able to see Air Force One, which is a 747 series 200.  This is a very large and beautiful plane.  Later on in this page I have some pictures that I took of it while it was here in Medford.

On Saturday, January 25, 2003, I stepped out my front door just in time to see the Antonov AN-124-100 on final approach to Medford coming in from the north.  I could not believe that something that large could fly.  I went over to the airport and took some pictures that I hope you will enjoy of this amazing aircraft.

The reason it was here, was to load up two of the huge Erickson Air Crane helicopters and fly them to Australia where both of them will be used to fight the fires that are burning out of control there.  They arrived in Australia on Monday, January 27, 2003.  To see the Air Crane in action, CLICK HERE.

  This is the AN-124-100 in flight.  This plane is Russian built as is the AN-225.  The AN-124 is called the Ruslan and has the NATO designation of Condor.

This is the AN-225 just taking off.  This plane is called the Mriya and has the NATO designation of Cossack.  This is the World's largest aircraft and only one has been built as of this date.

The company that owns the AN-124-100 that flew the two air cranes to Australia, is Volga-Dnepr Airlines.  This is a Russian company that has a fantastic web site that you need to visit.  The information is very interesting and their gallery of pictures is fascinating.

Here are our photos of the AN-124-100 on it's visit
to the Medford International Airport.

AN-124-100 Arrives.

The World's second largest aircraft arrives at Medford.

Tail Section.

The tail rises about 70 feet into the air.

Massive Jet Engines.

A very tall man can stand in the engines with tons of headroom.

24 Wheels.

The aircraft has 24 total wheel. This includes the 4 front wheels.

Tail Section Opens.

The tail also opens to take on cargo.

Nose & Tail Open.

The nose opens as does the tail section.


The front can also kneel down for easy loading.

Air Cranes Waiting.

Here are the 2 air cranes waiting to be loaded for the flight to Australia.

The Rotors.

Here men are getting ready to load the air crane rotors.

Cargo Loading.

A forklift loads the cargo hold.

Rear View.

This shows the large rear opening.

Two Levels.

The AN-124 has two levels. Can hold 60 full size cars. Also has its own crane.

Another Rear View.

Here you can see the massive wing span.

Rear Opening.

This shows the end-to-end view of cargo hold.

Getting Ready.

The 2 air cranes are being prepared for loading.

Ready To Load.

Here the two air cranes are getting ready to be pulled into the cargo plane.


Air Force One


This is Air Force One on a recent visit to Medford.  Pictures are looking to the west across the runways.


This is as close as I could get before people started yelling at me.  This is looking towards the east with RoxyAnn mountain in the background.

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