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We offer our customers a full range of watch repair services.  Our specialty has always been POCKET WATCHES.  We also service all types of wrist watches from QUARTZ to FINE MECHANICAL watches.

 We have the tools and equipment to service quartz watches.  We have the very latest in test equipment and cleaning machines designed specifically for quartz watches.  We also have all of the very specialized tools and equipment to service your vintage mechanical watches that were manufactured by companies such as Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham, Illinois, Gruen and Omega.  We also have thousands of original glass crystals that were made to fit your vintage wrist watches and pocket watches.  We also stock white alloy mainsprings for all pocket watches.  We also do dial refinishing for most wrist watches. 

When we service your watch, you can be GUARANTEED that your watch is completely taken apart, properly cleaned using the latest L&R cleaning machines and solutions.  Your watch is then reassembled and properly oiled and regulated.  As an additional service we also refinish the watch case.  Your watch is then re-cased and returned to you in like new condition.


This is an example of a gents Gruen wrist watch.  The movement has been overhauled, the case has been restored, the dial has been refinished and a new genuine glass crystal has been installed along with a new gold crown.

We offer very affordable prices for our watch restoration services.


Restoration of a Gruen 311.  These movements were used in many of the radical curved Gruen watches.


We offer a very good supply of original glass crystals for most vintage wrist watches.


Properly installed watch crystals add beauty to your vintage watch and also protect the dial and movement from outside elements that can damage your watch.  Crystal replacement is very affordable.


The wrist watch pictured above in one that just arrived on June 18, 2014.  It was found at a yard sale.
It was located in Etna, California.  This watch was probably made in the late 1940's or early 1950's.  The case is made out of
14kt. yellow gold.  Notice the unique lug ends of this watch.  It arrived in running condition, but we will be doing a
complete overhaul of the movement.  We will also refinish the dial to original condition and install a new glass crystal.

These are the kinds of jobs that we really love to do.
When this job is completed we will post some pictures for you to admire.


Ham940ws1.jpg (51716 bytes)       Bunn19ws1.jpg (64220 bytes)       Bunn19ws2.jpg (62407 bytes)

Please Click These Images To Enlarge.  They Are Great!

American Pocket Watch Repair Is Our Specialty

We service all makes of American pocket watches from fifteen jewel movements to railroad grade movements with 21 jewels or more.  We carry a complete line of glass pocket watch crystals, balance staffs, balance jewels, hairsprings, roller jewels, regulators and mainsprings.


No watchmaker without doing a complete examination of a watch can not determine exactly what may be wrong with it.  Such things as bent pivots, cracked jewels and distorted hairsprings, and broken mainsprings, are all items that can cause your watch to stop.  These things will need to be corrected in order for your watch to function properly.  We will advise you of any parts that need to be replaced or corrected after your watch has been fully examined.

There is no cost to you for our estimates.  Our estimates are free and without any obligation to you.  Please note that we only service American made pocket watches that are either 18 size or 16 size only.  We do not service any 12 size or smaller type pocket watches.

Email Your Watch Repair Request To Antique Time

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