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Rolex Dial Refinishing And Custom Dial Enhancements



In addition to expert watch dial refinishing we also offer dial enhancements such as adding diamonds to dials.


The above dial is an example of a gents Rolex DateJust dial that was originally gold colored.  We refinished this dial
to a beautiful Navy blue color.  We can refinish your old damaged or faded Rolex dials to any desired color to give
your dial a bright new finish that will enhance the beauty of any Rolex watch.

Please Note that we no longer offer Dial Refinishing locally.
We suggest that you contact the following business
for your dial refinishing and enhancements.

L & S Dials
629 S. Hill Street, Suite 807
Los Angeles, CA., 90014

Phone 213-627-3455


We do not make or manufacture Meteorite dials locally.
All of our custom Meteorite dials are custom manufactured
by a lapidary shop that specializes in Meteorite dials.
These dial are second to none.


The above is an example of a Rolex Submariner with a beautiful custom Meteorite dial installed.


About Meteorite Watch Dials

Meteorites are bits of the Solar System that have fallen to the Earth. Most come from asteroids including a few that are believed to have come specifically from 4 Vesta which is the second most massive object in the asteroid belt.  A few probably come from comets.  Meteorites are our only material evidence of the universe beyond the Earth.

Meteorites are classified based on their composition as either iron or stony. The stony types are made up of stone type materials and minerals.  The iron types are composed mainly of iron and nickel.  In our meteorite dials we used the iron type.

 No meteorite dials have the same pattern of crystals as another one and it varies as to what part of the meteorite the rough dial is cut from.  The inside piece where the cooling was slower the crystals are larger and more regular and from the outside of the piece where the cooling was faster, the crystals are smaller and more irregular.  These differences are what makes meteorite watch dials uniquely beautiful and rare.  They are a perfect and beautiful one-of-a-kind enhancement for any Rolex watch.


Prices Available Upon Request

Quality Rolex Dial Refinishing At Very Affordable Prices.


The Dial Above Is A Water Damaged Rolex Dial Before Refinishing.


This Is The Same Rolex Dial From A Men's 3035 Movement After Refinishing.
We also added ten diamonds in order to upgrade the appearance of the dial.
Refinishing your dial and upgrading it with precious stones is very affordable.

The following is an example of a mother of pearl custom dial that was done on a Rolex Yacht Master
midsize watch.  This Rolex had the standard metal dial.  The existing surface was machined down and a layer
of mother of pearl was added.  We also added genuine emeralds to all of the markers.  The new lettering was
done to match the original colors and markings on the original dial.


The pictures above show the dial before it was installed onto the Rolex Yacht Master.


The four pictures above show the new mother of pearl dial installed into the Rolex watch.

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