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Antique Time Gallery of Watches

The gallery contains pictures and stories of some very interesting watches and other watch related items that we have seen over the past few months.  Most of these items are Pocket Watches and most are very rare or just simply very interesting.

It seems like almost everyday we get about 5 items sent to us that are just incredible examples of watches.  We created the gallery in order to share these items with you.




Law1ws.jpg (42531 bytes) Law2ws.jpg (57416 bytes)

 The Rail Road was the lifeblood of my family. The first two photos are of my Grandfather's 21 jewel Ball Watch. It is a 16 size watch that is in perfect condition.  He was born September 9, 1882 and died on February 13, 1977.  He was the Superintendent of the Utah Ore Sampling Mill in Murray, Utah. He always relied on his pocket watch to let him know when the next train would arrive.

As a small child I usually stayed at Grandpa's house. I would always remember him just before bedtime placing his pocket watch on the dresser. I fell asleep listening to his marvelous watch ticking away the minutes. Many times in the morning, when he wound his watch, he would very carefully remove the case back and show me the movement.  I was hooked.


Oslrrws.jpg (45325 bytes)

The badge belonged to my Grandfather on my Dad's side of the family. He worked for the Union Pacific Railroad way back in the early days. He was what you would call a "Cinder Dick" short for Rail Road Detective. He was assigned to police the Oregon Short Line Railroad which was a spur off the main line. I never knew him, as he died when my father was only eight years of age.

Well, so much for boring family history. But now you know why I have always enjoyed pocket watches and why I love to work on them. I guess you could say they are in my blood.

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