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The Diamond Palace


The Diamond Palace San Francisco

Col. A. Andrew's Famous Diamond Palace
"The Most Beautiful Jewelry Store In The World"
San Francisco, California


Like the fine diamonds and beautiful pocket watches he sold, his store was no less spectacular.  Located at 50 Kearny Street, a landmark was built.  Beautiful paintings adorned the tall ceilings supported by marvelous pillars.  Mirrors were everywhere, reflecting the elegance of the display cases that were filled with only the finest articles of adornment that had been procured form the four corners of the world.

The fine pocket watch, movement shown above, is a rare example of historical significance as it came from this famous jewelry store.  The movement is fully marked "The Diamond Palace San Francisco."  The movement is Waltham's famous model 1883.  It contains 17 beautiful gold set jewels.  The damaskeened pattern is as impressive as the store it came from.

This pocket watch is fully adjusted and also has a safety pinion.  The serial number is 4588489.  This fine example was manufactured in 1889.  All lettering is gold inlaid.  This pocket watch is housed in a very near mint coin silver hunter case.



Photographs of The Diamond Palace & Col. A. Andrews.

The Diamond Palace Pocket Watch By Waltham.

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MVC-579F.jpg (33706 bytes)   This wonderful Waltham pocket watch, personalized for the world famous Diamond Palace in San Francisco, is in perfect condition.  The dial is a brilliant white porcelain and is double sunk.  The movement is in perfect running condition and is about as mint as they come.  The case is massive.  It is coin silver and fully marked with serial numbers and was made by Leader.  The case measures about 2 and 1/2 inches in diameter and is about 1 inch thick.  All hinges and case springs are perfect.  To me, this is truly one of the most amazing and interesting watches that we have had to opportunity to own.


The beautiful 5 oz. coin silver case is all original.  The movement is brilliant as is the fine white porcelain dial.


Notice the markings on the inside of the coin silver case along with the beautiful interior finish of the case.


The movement is lever set.  Notice the dial again with the red minute markers and the original hands.

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