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Ferguson Pocket Watch Dials



What is a pocket watch collection without a Ferguson Dial?  Who would have ever thought that a dial could sell for more than a complete pocket watch.  A mint Ferguson dial for the Ball Watch Company can sell alone for about $350.00 to $500.00.  This same dial found on a Hamilton, Waltham or an Illinois pocket watch brings between $200.00 to $350.00.  Many of these dials were later produced by the Swiss that were reproduction replacements of the originals.  These are still very nice, but not as valuable as the porcelain dials that have the eight patent dates fired into the back of the dial.

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The old Dominion Railways.  A rail road with an exciting historical background, just like this model 1883 Waltham 18 size pocket watch.  Waltham was responsible for fired porcelain dials with fantastic scenes like this one.  This watch is a 3 star watch, with less than 250 known to exist.  A beautiful addition to any collection if one can be found.

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