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Ball Watch Company Railway Trainmen 999

This Gallery showcases one watch that is without question, the finest watch that a collector could ever own.

Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen



            Ball watches have always been one of the most desired watches for the collector.  Every Ball is a true work of art.  Each is a tribute to the American watchmaking industry.  No other country could ever produce a pocket watch capable of performing to the exacting standards of the American railway system.  The watch pictured above was made by Hamilton for the Ball Watch Company.  This outstanding watch was one of only about 1000 that were designed for the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen.  Brotherhood watches are the pinnacle of Ball watches.  There are many model 999's, any of which are wonderful in their own right, but when you are fortunate enough to obtain a model 999 marked for the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, you have a true rare example of railroad history.

The above Brotherhood watch features 19 jewels, mounted in solid gold jewel settings.  It is adjusted to 5 positions, has a double roller, safety pinion, and sapphire pallet stones.  This watch also features Hamilton's famous Motor Barrel, fully jeweled.  This watch also has 3 patent dates.  June 30, 1896, August 18, 1896 and December 8, 1908.  The serial number of this beauty is 642628.  This watch was produced in about 1909 from the last run of 18 size watches prior to the "B" prefix being added to the list of serial numbers.

The value of this wonderful 2 star Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen's watch is from $3200.00 to $6000.00.   


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