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Abraham Lincolns Waltham Pocket Watch

Abraham Lincoln owned and used a Waltham William Ellery model pocket watch.  The serial number of his watch is 67613.  It is now on display at the Smithsonian Museum.  This Gallery features another William Ellery watch with the serial number of 67631.  This watch is the 18th. watch produced after Lincoln's watch.

  Lincoln was President, and our nation was at war.  Only two watch companies were making watches at this time.  The E. Howard Company and the Waltham Watch Company.  Watches that were produced during the Civil War are very collectible.  Most generally, they are called Civil War watches.  However, there are two categories of these watches that more correctly describe them.  A Civil War period watch is the correct term to describe a watch made during the war years.  A Civil War watch would be the correct name for a watch that could be documented as being carried by a soldier during the same time period.  The watch shown below is a watch that can only be described as a Civil War period watch.

As stated above, this watch is very unique, as it is so close in production to the one carried by President Lincoln.  Both watches were produced in January of 1863.  They are 18 size, model 1859, both have eleven jewels and have solid steel balance wheels.  These watches were also under sprung, meaning that the hairspring is held in place with a stud bridge that fits under the balance wheel as does the regulator.  These watches are of the key wind variety.

Please enjoy these photos.  Also note the diamond faceted end stone on the balance bridge and the engraved regulator adjustment regulator pattern.  A great watch to have in any early American watch collection.

Open Faced Plain Dial

Civil War period watches were very plain and simple in appearance.

Key Wind and Key Set.

The thick glass crystal was very durable to support the opening of the front to set the hands using a key.

Model 1859 3/4 Plate Movement.

Very simple in construction, solid steel balance wheel.

Diamond end stone.

The balance staff dances on the smooth surface of the faceted diamond end stone.

Serial Number 67631.

Only 18 digits away from Lincoln"s watch. His serial number was 67613.

William Ellery.

Contained 11 jewels, under sprung hairspring stud bridge.

Engraved regulator register.

Later model featured an attached register.

Key Wind from the back.

Two covers protect the movement. One with the hole stays closed while winding the movement with the key.



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