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Pocket Watches & Advertisements of Various Companies

The American Rail Road Pocket Watch was a remarkable instrument that was designed to withstand the brutal elements of rail road life.  Freezing rain and snow to blistering hot Summer days and cool nights, it continued to function flawlessly providing its owner the correct rail road time.

Here is our collection of other pocket watch advertisements from companies such as Rockford, Hampden, Keystone, Columbus, Seth Thomas, South Bend  and many others. 



This is a very interesting 18 size Rockford personalized pocket watch that came from Yreka, California.  The movement is marked S. A. St. Cyr, Yreka, Cal.
The movement also has 17 jewels.  The serial number is 747157.  It was made in 1908.  We have no idea who this was made for and we have never been able to find out much information about S. A. Cyr.


The pictures above are of the old Rockford Watch factory located in Rockford, Illinois.

Yreka, California is about 20 miles south of Medford, Oregon.  It was a large silver and gold mining town.  Making a visit to Yreka is like going back to the turn of the century.

And yes, one must always visit the Yreka Bakery.  You see, it has one of those names that spells the same forward or backward.


Above are two old certificates from the South Bend Watch Co.

This is a very nice picture of the old Star Watch Case Company.

The South Bend Watch Factory.

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