A very nice early E. Howard for only $495.00. These are so hard to find in good condition like this.

    Here is a very nice all original E. Howard pocket watch in a Howard coin silver case. It should be noted that early Howard movements are slightly larger than standard size movements. So the case is original to this movement. Howard also used cases marked in many different ways. The movement is fully marked with all of the patent dates from that time period. It has the Reed's patent from 1857 and Mershon's patent of 1859. There are also some other patent dates on the movement. Please see the pictures for details.

    This watch has a serial number of 16624. The movement is in good condition and the balance wheel and staff are good as is the hairspring. When wound it does run, but should be cleaned. The dial has a chip between the 8 and 9 and there are a few minor hairlines on the porcelain dial.

    The original purchaser of this watch returned it stating that the balance staff was or appeared to be broken. We checked it and the staff was good, however the upper balance jewel was damaged. I had this replaced.

    The case has a serial number of 6983. This watch was made between 1861 and 1871. Please note that the winding arbors properly align with the openings on the case back.

    It is missing the crystal and we will supply a glass crystal with the watch.

    All hinges on the case are good. We are selling this watch as is. We suggest that the buyer has it cleaned and serviced.




    YOURS FOR ONLY $195.00

    This is a nice Hamilton pendant set pocket watch that was made in 1901.  The 14KT gold filled case shows some brass.
    If you are looking for a very good accurate timekeeper, this watch is for you.
    This type of watch was also used as a ships comparing watch.



    Timebuilder American Horologist

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