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Pockets watches have always been treasured by their owners.  It may have been your grandfather's Ball railroad watch, or maybe it is one you found yourself in an antique store.  No matter what the history is, rest assured that we have the PARTS, EQUIPMENT & EXPERIENCE to bring it back to life.

 We have one of the largest inventories of POCKET WATCH parts & material supplies available.  This is important to our customers because we usually do not have to rely on material supply houses for our everyday material needs.  This means you get prompt professional watch repairs delivered without delays.

Our Pocket Watch service and repair prices are very affordable.  Railroad grade pocket watches which have twenty one jewels or more can be fully serviced for as little as $102.50.  Lower grade pocket watches such as fifteen jewel models can be serviced for as little as $82.50.

We only service pocket watches that are either 18 size or 16 size that are American made such as Hamilton, Waltham, Elgin, Howard, Ball, Illinois and South Bend.  We do not service any 12 size or smaller pocket watches.  We also do not service any Swiss made or other foreign made pocket watch.

We do not cut corners when we service your pocket watch.  They are taken completely apart and all parts are inspected and examined for any defects.  The parts are then cleaned using the latest in automatic watch cleaning machines.  These machines were designed specifically for cleaning watch movements.  Your parts are cleaned in three different solutions.  Our cleaning machines also have ultrasonic attachments which enhance the watch cleaning process.

After the cleaning process your watch is put back together and all parts are properly oiled and lubricated with the latest synthetic lubricants and oils.  These synthetic lubricants last many years giving your watch the highest quality protection against wear.

Your pocket watch is then electronically timed and calibrated using quartz controlled timing machines to insure its proper timekeeping abilities.  Your watch is timed according to your watches original manufacturers specifications.

Your pocket watch case is then polished if desired.  The case is then cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners.  The movement is then installed into the case at which time we make the final inspection of your watch. 


  You can also visit our Antiques Time Store to view more of our watch parts inventory that we have available for our customers.

Antique Time Store

  • Complete Watch Movements & Parts in all sizes
  • Genuine Factory Material Assortments
  • Pocket Watch Dials.  Original & Reproductions
  • Glass Watch Crystals For Pocket Watches & Wrist Watches
  • Plastic Crystals By B&B, Rocket, & GS.
  • Mainsprings, Hairsprings, Balance Staffs
  • Roller Jewels, Balance Jewels, Cap & Plate Jewels
  • Pocket Watch Case Parts, Stems & Crowns, Sleeves

Whatever your watch repair needs may be, we have the parts and material to complete your pocket watch repair using our stock of original factory parts.  We stock a complete supply of glass pocket watch crystals, mainsprings, balance staffs, balance jewels, stems and crowns.  We have been buying parts for 40 years in order to maintain a good supply of American pocket watch parts.

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