Rolex President Repair Service

The Rolex President 3055 is a very good movement.  The 3055 is found in many older version of the President models that have the day and date features.  Removing the date wheels is very simple on these watches.  After the dial has been removed both date wheels can be observed.  These can be lifted out from their positions at this point.  The outer ring that these rest in is held in with two small screws.  Many of these movements that have date change problems often result from one or both of these small screws becoming loose.  In some cases it is possible for the head of the screw to break and fall into other parts of the movement preventing it from operating correctly.



Rolex President Reference 3055


The three pictures below show a 3055 movement.  The first picture shows the dial side of the movement where the date wheels fit.  In the upper left corner of the picture you can see one of the broken screws.  The lower screw was also found to be loose.  This prevented the date functions to operate.  The second picture shows the upper plate of the movement.  This is where the oscillating weight would mount.  The third picture is very interesting.  This picture shows one half of a broken screw head that worked its way from under the dial, which was one of the two screws mentioned above, and found its way to the underside of the mainspring barrel.  This was causing the watch to run very poorly and at times no at all.


Proper maintenance and service schedules of your Rolex can help to prevent these types of common service problems.  Notice the third picture and how the broken screw was cutting into the mainspring barrel cap.


The above four pictures show another Rolex 3055 movement, dial and the two date and day indicators.  The two indicators are part numbers 5134 and 5135.  This movement shows the star wheel removed from the center of the movement.  The two indicators fit onto the star wheel.  You will notice that the openings on the two indicator wheels match the star wheel.  There is also a small brass dial washer that is installed before the dial is secured to the movement.  The dial on this particular movement has been refinished.

Rolex President Reference 1556
Registered Design 1803

The Rolex 1556 President is a favorite among collectors.  It is a very well built movement that still after many years will keep very good time if well maintained.  It is still important that these movements be serviced every 5 to 7 years.  We see many of these that have not been serviced for well over 20 years where the movement is still maintaining a reasonable timekeeping ability.  The problem with such prolonged delays in service is the fact that the rubber gaskets have become very hard and brittle and have lost the ability to keep water and moisture from entering the watch case.  Many times these gaskets have become so hard that the case tube and crown gaskets literally have to be chipped out.


Typical Rolex President With Day Date Functions
Registered Design 1803 With 1556 Movement.

The Rolex 1556 movement is based on the 1530 movement.  It is 28.50mm in diameter and is 7.03mm in height.  The beat rate of this movement is 19,800 beats per hour.  These movements are based on the earlier versions that used the older auto wind mechanisms that had the large Rolex crown embossed on the oscillating weight.  The 1556 uses the new version auto wind mechanism that is also found on the new model Rolex watches.  These watches also use two springs that assist in date change functions.  There is the Date Jumper and the Day Check Spring.  This movement also has the Star Unit which holds the Day Disc.  The Date Disc fits into the sharp notches of the Star Unit.  The Day Disc also fits onto the Star Unit at the top.  Following are some pictures of the entire mechanism which is located under the dial.  The Star Unit must be installed first so that it engages both the Date Jumper and Day Check Spring before the Day and Date Discs are installed.  Proper lubrication is required as per the Rolex oiling charts.


Pictures showing the associated Day Date parts.  The fourth picture shows the two springs that control the date functions.


Pictures showing the Date Disc 8016, the Day Disc 8017 and the front and back of the
Star Unit 7141.  Note the three round ruby jewels in the Day Disc.


The first picture shows the Star Unit installed and the two Date Jumper and Day Check springs in the correct position resting against the Star Unit.  This unit as well as the two springs have been lubricated and are now ready to have the two Day and Date Discs installed.  The first one to install is the Date Disc.  After it is installed in the proper notch the Day Disc is then installed over the top of the Date Disc.  Both of these discs have corresponding notches or cut-outs which fits them into the proper position on the Star Unit.  After all parts have been installed the dial is then positioned so that it aligns correctly over both the Day and Date Discs or wheels.  The dial is then snapped in place.  The movement is then put into the time setting position and turned until the Day and Date Discs change.  At this point the hands can then be pressed into position.  The sweep second hand pinion must be supported in a movement holder before pressing the sweep hand onto the pinion to avoid any possible damage to the spring for the sweep second pinion which is part number 7839.