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All prices are subject to change without notice.  Price changes will be noted in your E-mailed estimate before work begins.  Your actual price depends on the condition of your watch and the cost of parts.

Rolex repairs are done by estimates only.  Please visit our Rolex Watch Repair Section for details about our Rolex Watch Repair Service.

You can also visit our Timebuilders Online eStore
for more information about our products and watch repair services.

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Pocket Watch Repairs
Please note that we only service American made pocket watches that are
either 18 size or 16 size.

Rail Road Grade Clean, Oil, Regulate and Polish Watch Case $92.50 Plus Parts If Needed
Low Grade 15 Jewel or Less $72.50 Plus Parts If Needed
Balance Staffs Friction or Rivet $75.00 Cleaning Is Recommended
Balance Jewels $28.50 Cleaning Is Recommended
Roller Jewels $32.50 Cleaning Is Recommended
Mainsprings White Alloy $30.00 Cleaning Is Recommended
Timing Washers $15.00 Per Pair
Crowns $25.00 And Up
Hairsprings, Installed & Vibrated $40.00 And Up 
Pocket Watch Hands $65.00 And Up Per Set Of Three

Glass Watch Crystals

12 Size Pocket Watch Glass $24.00 Plus Installation
16 Size Pocket Watch Glass $32.00 Plus Installation
18 Size Pocket Watch Glass $36.00 Plus Installation
Installation Charge $5.00
Hunter Case Styles $7.50 Additional Charge
Vintage Wrist Watch Glass $35.00
Modern Wrist Watch Mineral Glass $25.00
Rolex Crystals $95.00 And Up Sapphire Extra
Custom Crystal Grinding $25.00 And Up
Plastic Crystals $20.00

Watch Case & Band Repair

All Prices Are Based On $1400.00 Spot Gold Market
Prices Will Be Adjusted Accordingly To Market Conditions

Pocket Watch Case Repair By Estimate Only.

Repair Pocket Watch Hinge. $125.00 Gold Filled Case
Repair Pocket Watch Hinge. $155.00 Solid Gold Case
Rebuild Hunter Case Worn Lips. $75.00 Gold Filled & Solid Gold
Remove Watch Case Dents or Engraving Pocket Watches. $75.00 Gold Filled & Solid Gold
Shorten Gold Watch Bands $95.00 Per Side
Rebuild Rolex President Links $75.00 Per Link 18Kt. & 14Kt.
Rebuild or Solder Lug Ends $75.00 Per Lug
Rebuild Rolex President Clasp $150.00 New Pins & Insert Snap
Refinish Rolex Head $75.00 Polish & Brush Finish
Lengthen Karat Gold Clasp $95.00 Per Half Inch 
Remove Watch Case Engraving Rolex Case Backs $75.00
Water Proof & Pressure Testing $155.00 New Gaskets Included
Additional Services Available Upon Special Request

Quartz Watch Repair

Silver Oxide 1.55 Volt Battery $5.00 Installed
Lithium 3.0 Volt Battery $7.50 Installed
Clean Basic Quartz Movement $25.00 Includes New Gaskets
Clean Calendar Styles $30.00 And Up
Stems All Models Cut To Fit $12.50
Crowns Yellow or White $15.00 Seiko Slightly Higher
Install New Insulator $5.00
Repair Broken or Damaged Coil $20.00
Stem Extenders $7.50
Install New Movement Complete $25.00 And Up.  We Stock All Types For All Popular Makes.


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