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We  encourage our customers to purchase diamond dials and bezels from companies other than Rolex.  We can supply these items and install them on your Rolex at a very reasonable cost saving you hundreds of dollars.  We offer all colors of gold and we also offer you your choice of diamond quality to fit any budget.

Replacement solid gold bands along with stainless and gold bands are available from our company.  These replacement bands are very high quality and feature reinforced links which will provide many years of wear and enjoyment when installed on your Rolex watch.

Remember, you bought your Rolex, you did not rent it from Rolex.  It is your personal property and you are free to do with it as you will.  If you are looking to purchase a new Rolex watch, I suggest that you take some time and visit eBay.

There are more Rolex watches available on eBay than you will ever find in any Official Rolex Jewelry Store.  The selection on eBay is fantastic.  If you elect to purchase from any seller on eBay, be sure to check their feedback ratings and don't be afraid about contacting the seller prior to making your purchase.  At any given time there are usually about 500 Rolex Presidents available on eBay.  In total there is usually about 4000 different Rolex watches listed on eBay.  Many of these items are available using the Buy It Now feature which lets you make your purchase when you find what you are looking for without having to place bids.


We Will Be Most Happy To Install These Products On Your Rolex Watch


Antique Time has a fantastic collection of diamond dials, bezels and bands for your Rolex watch.  We think these are much better than genuine Rolex attachments.  We can also install diamonds on any Rolex dial at very affordable prices.



When purchasing a diamond bezel for your Rolex it is important to buy one that adds to the appearance of your watch.  The three pictures above show a very poor example of an aftermarket diamond bezel.  It is to large for this gents President model.  The bezel extends out over the edge of the case and distracts from the general appearance of the watch.  Properly sized bezels will not overhang the case and will not interfere with the operation of the crown.  Our suppliers offer the correct aftermarket diamond bezels and dials that will fit your Rolex watch as they should.

Please note that special orders for gold bands, custom dials and gold case conversions may require 90 days to complete your order.  This is due to the gold market and production schedules from our suppliers.