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Rolex Balance Wheel Adjustments

The Rolex watch contains a very unique balance wheel.  The balance wheel on newer model Rolex watches contain what is called Microstella timing screws.  The typical Rolex balance wheel will contain four of these screws.  Using a Microstella wrench the screws can be adjusted in order to bring the Rolex to time.  Adjustment of these screws is usually not necessary.  Rolex watches undergo extreme timing regulation before the watch leaves the factory.  In some cases it might be necessary to adjust the watch to the wearing habits of the owner.



The following diagram shows the balance of a gents Rolex, caliber 3035.  This is typical of most Rolex watches.  The balance is equipped with two pairs of Microstella timing screws.  So that these screws can be easily distinguished, one pair is made with low heads and the other two with high heads.

The correction range of a typical Rolex watch is plus or minus 150 seconds per day.  This allows for a good range of adjustment to compensate for most errors in timing or to adjust the watch to meet the wearing habits of the owner.

This Is A Diagram Of The Typical Rolex Balance Wheel
Click On The Picture For Enlarged View.



The above two pictures show a typical Rolex escapement and balance wheel.

Following are the typical beat rates of Rolex watches.

Rolex caliber 3035 & 3055, 28,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1800, 21,600 bph.
Rolex caliber 1401, 21,600 bph.
Rolex caliber 1600, 19,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1120, 19,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1160, 19,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1165, 19,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1220, 21,600 bph.
Rolex caliber 1225, 21,600 bph.
Rolex caliber 1520, 19,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1570, 19,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1556, 19,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1575, 19,800 bph.
Rolex caliber 1575-GMT, 19,800 bph.