Rolex Sapphire Crystal Conversions


We offer a very wide selection of Rolex Sapphire conversion crystals
designed to replace the original plastic crystals
used on Rolex watches.


Now you can replace your old Rolex acrylic plastic crystal with a new durable sapphire crystal.  These new sapphire crystals are built to match original specifications.  Each crystal design is tested to meet water resistance standards and provide the perfect fit.  All crystals include matching gaskets made from Zytel nylon resin which provides long lasting water resistance even when facing the most extreme conditions.

Example of a new number 135 conversion sapphire crystal installed on a gents Rolex Registered Design 16013.

Conversion sapphire crystals can also be used with diamond bezels.



Notice the unique parabolic crystal design which allows for proper
clearance of the watch hands.

Prices listed include installation  which covers the cost of removing your old plastic crystal, removing the watch movement, installing the new sapphire crystal, reinstalling your watch movement and supplying new gaskets for your Rolex watch.  Your Rolex will also be pressure tested.  We also polish and clean the watch case.  Your Rolex will look like new with a new sapphire conversion crystal.

We also carry sapphire conversions for the following Rolex crystals.  192, 206, 206C, 246, 246C, 286, 286C, 295, 295C and 295C2.  These crystal cost $129.95 which includes installation charges.


We will no longer install the parabolic sapphire conversion crystals on Rolex GMT Master watches at this time.  These are the CSR116 crystals that would replace the regular plastic crystal which is Rolex number 116.  The reason for this change is that these watches require that the compression ring that holds the crystal in place must be replaced with another ring that is somewhat higher on the inside of the ring.  This additional height is necessary in order for the compression ring to properly seal the nylon gasket where it fits into the groove of the sapphire crystal.  We have also found that when this conversion is performed the original rotating bezel on the GMT Master may no longer fit properly to the new compression ring as the new ring is slightly oversized on the outside diameter.  In order to correct this fit, the new tension ring that is supplied with the conversion crystal must be slightly turned down using a watchmakers lathe until a correct fit is accomplished.  This whole process is very time consuming and still might not achieve the desired results.  Therefore we will no longer install them.

We will however continue to supply the CSR116 conversion crystal to shops that wish to install them.

Please feel free to contacts us about having your Rolex upgraded with a new Sapphire Crystal.

Here Is An Example Of A Rolex Design 15010 With A New Conversion Sapphire Crystal Installed Replacing The Old Plastic Crystal.  Our New Sapphire Conversion Crystals Enhance The Beauty Of Your Rolex Giving It A New Modern Look While At The Same Time Protects The Movement Of The Watch.

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