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The proper cleaning and lubrication of the Rolex watch is very important.  Unlike other makes of watches, the Rolex requires many different types of lubricants in order for the watch to operate and function properly.  For example, the escape wheels are treated with what Rolex refers to a "Lubrifar."  This is a mixture of oil and molybdenum bisulfide.  This substance appears in the form of a blackish deposit on the tips or impulse faces of the escape wheel teeth.  This lubricant is dissolved by cleaning solutions.  Moebius 9415 grease can also be applied sparingly to the pallet stones in place of Lubrifar.

The mainspring barrel of the Rolex watch also requires special lubrication.  The wall of the mainspring barrel needs to be lubricated with Olyt grease.  This is Rolex MR-1.  After the wall of the mainspring barrel is lubricated, the mainspring is then inserted into the barrel.  New mainsprings are pre lubricated and are of the white alloy type.  If the existing mainspring has not been replaced and has been cleaned, it should be slightly greased.  The barrel arbor pivots are then oiled and fitted to the movement and the bridge is then installed.

Following are the detailed oiling charts for Rolex watches.  The first chart shows the oil diagram for the smaller ladies Rolex.  The chart shown is for the 2030 and 2035 caliber movements.  The second and third charts show the typical oil diagrams for the gents Rolex 3035 and 3055 caliber movements.  The fourth chart is the oiling diagram for the Rolex quartz movements.  The diagram is for the 5035 and 5055 caliber quartz movements.

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There has been much confusion as it relates to lubrication products for watches as well as the correct lubricants to use when a Rolex is properly serviced.  Following are pictures and product descriptions of lubrication products that are used when servicing watches.  These products are available from most any watch material supply house.

The following watch lubrication products are available from Otto Frei - Jules Borel Inc., 510-832-0355 ext 2., Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time Zone.  Please note that prices may vary from those listed below.




Moebius Microgliss D-5
D-5 is a standard in the watch industry. A heavier lubricant, D-5 is often specified for barrel pivots, automatic winding system components, and some of the train wheels (usually center and third). This is a lubricant every watchmaker should have. Twenty milliliters in glass bottle.





Moebius Synt-A-Lube 9010.
9010 is a standard in the watch industry. A light synthetic, it is the most specified oil for balance, escape, and train wheels. This is an essential.




Moebius 8200
8200 is sometimes specified for mainspring barrels and is a long-time standard, particularly for hand wind watches. My recommendation would be to use Moebius 8141 in most applications instead. The particular application should dictate the oil.



Moebius Synt-A-Lube 9020
This is a heavier (higher viscosity) version of the 9010. It is often specified for center and third wheels, as well as other medium-load applications. In my opinion, it can be substituted for many manufacturer's specification of 8141 on train wheels, and I usually do that. 9020 is an essential.


Moebius 8141
This is a medium-weight, non-synthetic lubricant often specified for train wheels and highly recommended for mainsprings. This is an essential for mainsprings, but I usually use Synt-A-Lube 9020 on the higher-torque train wheels.




Moebius 8217 (Glissalube 20)
Glissalube 20 is the most recommended braking grease for the walls of mainspring barrels in automatic watches. It is often used in conjunction with 8141. The latter is applied to spring coils and the barrel floor, the Glissalube 20 only to the walls of the barrel.
FB-930.  $15.30


Moebius Special Pallet Jewel Oil 941
Moebius 941 developed for pallet jewels of mechanical movements is now also recommended by ETA for use on high grade quartz movements. Moebius 941, has a higher degree of oiliness than conventional synthetics and is rated a fine oil while 9415 is rated as a grease.



Moebius 9415
9415 has only a single application, the pallet jewels. On the pallets and escape teeth, 9415 remains a grease until impact of the pallet, at which time it momentarily liquefies. This keeps lubricant where it belongs and away from the many parts of the escapement where it does not belong. Synt-A-Lube 9010 can be used on the pallets, but many wear by the amplitude gains when using 9415. I use the 9415 on pallets. The above comments are written by Walt Odets, below are ETA & Moebius views on 9415. This special synthetic grease is recommended for pallets and escapements. Moebius 9415 is considered all-purpose, since it can be used with all watch and clock pallets.

PML Stem Grease W-10
This is the most specified lubricant for the stem and other keyless works parts. I like the silky feel it gives winding and hand-setting and I use it. One of the silicone greases (like FB-901) can also be used and will provide good protection from wear. But they just don't usually feel as nice during winding and hand setting.

747 Silicone Lubricant
Like the other silicon greases this is a good, very high temperature lubricant and is available in a syringe. The syringe can be useful for certain applications.
Gaskets can also be lubricated in a uniform fashion with the Ring and Gasket Speed Lubricator.  It is loaded with 747 Silicone grease.

Gasket Lubricator
This O ring and gasket lubricator is fast and accurate. Place the gasket between the pads and twist the cover 1/2 turn to lubricate the part. The more vertical pressure you use, the more lubricant is applied, so keep it very light! The silicon lubricant used has a melting point of 450'F and will not run into the movement. This is hands-down the best way to lubricate a gasket and I wouldn't be without it.


KT-22 Stem Lube
This all purpose stem and waterproof crown lubricant is clean and stable and provides durable lubrication. The melting point is 450'F.