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Antique Time is your personal online source for Rolex Watch Repair.  We have many years of highly specialized experience in servicing Rolex watches.  We have the correct tools to install crystals, bezels and mainsprings.  We maintain a very large inventory of Rolex repair parts and deal directly with major Rolex suppliers for our parts needs.

Is your online source for

Antique Time also maintains a full service jewelry repair department.  We have the ability to repair damaged Rolex cases and watch bands.  We can fabricate new links to repair or replace stretched out and worn Rolex bands.


We can refinish your stainless steel or gold Rolex watch case and band to make them look attractive and clean again.  Cases are lapped and polished, ultrasonically cleaned and then steam cleaned for a bright fresh new look.  We also apply the satin finish on the lug ends of the Rolex watch case.  Click on  either picture to view a large image of a restored vintage Rolex watch. 

We are very proud of our Friendly Rolex Watch Repair Service.
Give your Rolex a new lease on life.




Your Rolex watch can be upgraded and made to look like new again.  We offer a complete line of Rolex dial refinishing services as well as diamond bezels to fit most Rolex watches.  Your gold or stainless steel case can be refinished to a highly polished luster and when combined with a bright new crystal, your old Rolex will again become a superior timepiece of beauty and quality.


Ladies Rolex with a new diamond bezel, refinished dial and new sapphire crystal.


Gents Rolex President with refinished case, band and new crystal.

We offer a complete line of Rolex replacement watch crystals both in sapphire and acrylic plastic starting at an affordable price.


Even a minor chip such as this one above can compromise the integrity of your fine Rolex watch.


More severe forms of crystal damage can result in fragments of glass entering the movement of the Rolex watch.  This type of damage requires immediate attention to insure that no further damage results due to the damaged sapphire crystal.

Here is the same Rolex watch with a new factory fresh sapphire crystal that has been professionally installed using the correct Rolex tools.


There is no need to compromise the integrity of your Rolex watch with a broken or chipped crystal.  Damaged crystals not only distract from the beauty of your Rolex, they can also permit water and other elements to enter your watch causing other forms of damage.  If you have a chipped or damaged crystal we can replace them at a very affordable price.  Be sure to email your Rolex crystal replacement request to us for prompt detailed attention.







Genuine Parts vs. Generic Parts

A genuine part is any item either an internal movement part or an attachment such as a diamond dial or diamond bezel that has either been manufactured by Rolex or one of its authorized agents.  It stands to reason that Rolex itself would have no interest in producing sapphire crystals and would rely on manufacturers who have the expertise in this area.

It should be noted that we continue to use genuine Rolex mechanical parts for all watch repairs on later Rolex models.  Vintage Rolex watches from the early production years have a very limited supply of genuine parts available.  However, most of the mechanical parts for vintage Rolex models are available in generic form such as gears and date rings.  This usually applies to Rolex watches from the 1950's and earlier.  It seems that the supply of parts for Rolex watches produced after the 1950's are available without any problem.

We are also going to encourage our customers to purchase diamond dials and bezels from companies other than Rolex.  We will provide links to these companies and you can view their products online.  Replacement solid gold bands along with stainless and gold bands are available from many different suppliers.  Remember, you bought your Rolex, you did not rent it from Rolex.  It is your personal property and you are free to do with it as you will.

We also have a great source for the repair of gold and stainless steel Rolex watch bands.  There is no need to go out and spend thousands buying a new Rolex watch band.  You can have gold bands totally rebuilt and refinished to like new condition as well as stainless steel bands.  Our jewelers that perform this service are very good at their trade and have been repairing Rolex bands for many years.  If your Rolex bracelet has been damaged by accident or has simply become warn out, contact us for the prices to have your band repaired to like new condition.

We have invested a large amount of money in genuine Rolex tools.  We have genuine Rolex crystal and bezel presses.  We have genuine Rolex tube insertion tools.  We have both types of genuine Rolex Micro-Stella wrenches used for regulation of Rolex watches.  We have a complete set of punches used for the installation of oscillating weights that are genuine Rolex.  We even have the correct genuine Rolex date mechanism screw tightening tool.  So as not to damage a Rolex case, we even have genuine Rolex case opening tools.  We also use the Vibrograf B200A timing machine and also have the proper pressure testing equipment.

The consumer needs the independent watch repairman.  Why pay double to have your Rolex repaired by using an Official Rolex dealer?  Did you know that when you take your watch to them, and they send it off to Rolex for service,  Rolex bills the dealer who in turn most generally doubles their cost of the repair and this is what you pay.  Is this right?  Or is it just business?  You be the judge.



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