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Rolex Repair Service


Over the last 45 plus years we have serviced thousands of Rolex watches. They have been one of our
favorites and our customers are and have been very special to us. However, times have changed and we have
decided that we will no longer accept any new customers that are in need of Rolex service or repair.
We will only accept repairs from our existing customers.

It is our sincere desire to return to our original roots of our watch repair business which was and is the
service and repair of pocket watches and antique wrist watches.
This is what we love and enjoy.

We will leave this page up and running in the meantime for informational purposes only as we know
people are looking for information about their Rolex watches.
Thanks again for your understanding.

Antique Time is your personal online source for Rolex Watch Repair.  We have many years of highly specialized experience in servicing Rolex watches.  We have the correct tools to install crystals, bezels and mainsprings.  We maintain a very large inventory of Rolex repair parts and deal directly with major Rolex suppliers for our parts needs.

With over forty five years of experience repairing and servicing fine mechanical watches, such as Rolex, we have the unique ability to provide excellent service and repair at very affordable prices. We have always maintained a large inventory of parts such as crystals both in sapphire and plastic, mainsprings and gasket sets.  We also stock case tubes and crowns both in stainless steel and gold. We look forward to providing you with "Friendly Rolex Service and Repair at No Extra Charge."

Antique Time also maintains a full service jewelry repair department.  We have the ability to repair damaged Rolex cases and watch bands.  We can fabricate new links to repair or replace stretched out and worn Rolex bands.


We can refinish your stainless steel or gold Rolex watch case and band to make them look attractive and clean again.  Cases are lapped and polished, ultrasonically cleaned and then steam cleaned for a bright fresh new look.  We also apply the satin finish on the lug ends of the Rolex watch case.  Click on  either picture to view a large image of a restored vintage Rolex watch. 

We are very proud of our Friendly Rolex Watch Repair Service.
Give your Rolex a new lease on life.



Your Rolex watch can be upgraded and made to look like new again.  We offer a complete line of Rolex dial refinishing services as well as diamond bezels to fit most Rolex watches.  Your gold or stainless steel case can be refinished to a highly polished luster and when combined with a bright new crystal, your old Rolex will again become a superior timepiece of beauty and quality.


Ladies Rolex with a new diamond bezel, refinished dial and new sapphire crystal.


Gents Rolex President with refinished case, band and new crystal.

We offer a complete line of Rolex replacement watch crystals both in sapphire and acrylic plastic starting at an affordable price.


Even a minor chip such as this one above can compromise the integrity of your fine Rolex watch.


More severe forms of crystal damage can result in fragments of glass entering the movement of the Rolex watch.  This type of damage requires immediate attention to insure that no further damage results due to the damaged sapphire crystal.

Here is the same Rolex watch with a new factory fresh sapphire crystal that has been professionally installed using the correct Rolex tools.


There is no need to compromise the integrity of your Rolex watch with a broken or chipped crystal.  Damaged crystals not only distract from the beauty of your Rolex, they can also permit water and other elements to enter your watch causing other forms of damage.  If you have a chipped or damaged crystal we can replace them at a very affordable price.









  As you can see from this animation of a Rolex Ref. 3135  movement, the balance wheel vibrates back and forth at a rate in excess of 28,800 beats per hour.  Other models have rates that range from 19,800 to 21,600 beats per hour.  The fine tuned balance is the heart of your Rolex.  When having your Rolex serviced or repaired, great attention must be paid to every detail of your watch to assure proper timekeeping.



These are actual pictures of the Rolex 3135 movement

"Friendly Rolex Service and Repair at No Extra Charge"


Here is a close-up view of the precision Rolex balance wheel.  Here you can see the delicate hairspring that is laser welded onto the collet.  The hairspring allows the balance to vibrate at its astonishing rate.  You can also see two of the four MicroStella nuts that are used to make minor timing adjustments.  If they are moved towards the center of the balance wheel, the rate will speed up.  Moving them away from the center will slow the rate down.  These minor adjustments are accomplished using two different MicroStella wrenches.  Adjustments are verified using state-of-the-art electronic timing machines.


Here is a view of the Rolex MicroStella wrench that is used to adjust the rate of a Rolex watch.  These precision tools are filled with oil which allows the balance weight to float, providing a great accuracy in reading the graduations located on the index scale.  Adjustments can be made either with the movement inside or outside of the watch case.

Adjusting the rate of a Rolex while the movement in the case can be done in order to make minor wearing adjustments.  During the service process, these adjustments are usually performed with the movement removed from the Oyster case.  You should be aware that it is uncommon to make adjustments as the Rolex watch has been fine tuned and timed long before it left the factory.  Rolex watches undergo extreme testing during the manufacturing process.  They are again tested as a finished watch.  Upon completion of all testing they are Officially Certified as Rolex Chronometers.  The Rolex watch will provide many years of reliable service if properly maintained.



We also have some additional Rolex information on our message board about Rolex movements and caliber information.  We also have some shipping information for you to review prior to sending your Rolex to us for service or repair.  This information is available by using the following links.

What's Under YOUR Rolex Bezel?


Equally as important as the precision Rolex movement in your watch is the precision case that protects the movement from outside elements such as water and dirt.  It is very important that you take the time to inspect your Rolex for any signs of potential problems.  If your rotating bezel does not operate and turn freely, it is a sign that excessive dirt has worked its way under the bezel which prevents it from turning as it should.  The four pictures above show a Rolex case where the bezel would no longer operate as designed.  The build-up of dirt virtually prevented its proper operation.



After the movement has been serviced, the case is refinished, polished and cleaned.  The parts of the rotating bezel are lubricated and then reinstalled onto the case.  The rotating bezel now functions as it should.  Making sure that your Rolex is clean will insure that your watch will provide many years of trouble free performance.

Water Damaged Rolex Movements & Watches.

The Rolex watch has many safeguards that help prevent moisture and water from entering the case and damaging the precision Rolex movement.

For example, the typical Rolex watch will have a case back gasket, the nylon crystal gasket on watches supplied with sapphire crystals, and then the crown gaskets and case tube gaskets. Watches supplied with plastic crystals are secured using the outside bezel that presses into place and secures the crystal to the watch case.

Example Of Water Damaged Gents Rolex.  Ref. 3085


The above three pictures show another example of a Rolex 3135 movement
that has been damaged by water.  This resulted from gasket failure of the
case tube and crown.

It is VERY important that owners of Rolex watches have them serviced every 3 to 5 years to make sure that these gaskets are in good working condition. The replacement of gaskets is part of a regular service program. It is very IMPORTANT that if you see any signs of moisture forming on the inside of the crystal that you have the watch serviced. This is an indication that some moisture has entered into the case.

This needs to be corrected before any serious damage takes place and a valuable Rolex movement has been destroyed.

Many times we get watches sent in for repair that has slight amounts of moisture within the case. Many times no serious damage has resulted. However, we also get many watches where the owner has left the crown out and massive amounts of water has entered the case causing damage that simply can't be repaired. For example, when water floods the inside of the case, many parts begin to rust immediately. The hairspring on the balance will rust, all of the steel pinions will rust, the polished steel screws will rust as well as all other steel parts within the Rolex movement. Many Rolex watches will also have dials and date rings that will become damaged with only minor amounts of moisture entering the case.

For these very reasons, it is very important that owners of Rolex watches keep them in good working condition and follow a regular maintenance schedule.


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