Antique Time Rolex Store

Welcome to our Antique Time Rolex Store. We have many different items available both here and on our Antique Time Shopify store.  We hope you will take the time to visit our store.  We sell jewelry and watches along with many wonderful collectible items.  We also sell both new and used watchmakers tools.  We also have a large collection of horological books and publications for sale.  We appreciate your taking the time to visit here.

Most generally we do not sell Rolex parts.  The only Rolex parts that we do sell can be found in our Antique Time Shopify online store. The Rolex parts and material that we stock are for use in our shop only and are for the benefit of our customers that are having Rolex watches repaired by us.  This includes internal mechanical parts and crystals.  Rolex crystals require special tools to install them and the same is true for rotating bezels and bezel inserts.

What we do sell.  We sell aftermarket Rolex watch bands in gold, stainless, and stainless and gold versions.  These aftermarket bands are very high quality and feature reinforced links that will provide many years of enjoyment and service. We have many items available in our online store.




We also sell diamond dials and diamond bezels for all Rolex watches that have removable bezels.  Some early Rolex models do not have bezels that can be removed.  Our diamond bezels are manufactured to exacting specifications and are guaranteed to fit your Rolex perfectly which will maintain the integrity of your Rolex watch and also enhance your watches beauty.  We offer our bezels using several different grades of diamond in order to fit any budget.


High Quality Machined Bezels Available In 18kt. Yellow and White Gold Or Stainless
To Fit Any Model Rolex.


Ladies Rolex With New Diamond Dial and Bezel.

We offer high quality precision set diamond bezels for most Rolex watches.  Bezels are available in both 18kt. yellow and white gold
with a wide selection of diamond qualities to accommodate any budget.


Men's Rolex President With New 1.60ct. Total Weight Diamond Bezel.

Special Notice On Special Orders.  Please note that special orders for 18kt. gold bands and custom dials and gold case conversions may require 90 days.  This is due to the gold market and production schedules from suppliers.