Rolex Watches Must Be Accompanied By A Service Deposit.

Rolex Service Policy Change. Service Charge.

The following policy is effective as of April, 2005. This policy applies only to Rolex watches.

In our entire history of servicing watches, we have never required a customer to enclose funds with their watches that have been sent to us for service or repair. Most companies have been doing this for many years.

Effective as of April, 2005, we will require a payment of $125.00 to be sent with your Rolex. Due to the fact that many companies have discontinued servicing Rolex watches because of supply problems, we have determined that this charge is necessary.  This deposit only applies to customers that send their watches to us for service without contacting us first.  This insures that we have good contact information for billing purposes.

This service charge is deducted from the total cost of your watch repair. This service charge covers the following:

1. Initial evaluation of the Rolex watch to determine what service and repairs are needed.

2. Removal of the watch band and fees associated with sanitizing the watch band.

3. Replacement of case gaskets and the resealing and pressure testing of the watch case.

4. Return postage and insurance costs if the watch is not serviced by our facility. Return postage and insurance is paid by Antique Time with the service of any Rolex.

5. Administrative functions such as customer entry on our accounting systems, answering and responding to email questions and notifications of watch repair status changes.

6. Cost of material associated with proper packing of watches for return shipment and labor involved in the actual shipment of watches, this includes wages paid for employees to stand in lines at post offices and other shipping facilities.

We hope that you understand that we delayed doing what other companies have been doing for many years. This new up-front fee will make it possible for us to continue servicing Rolex watches and at the same time will help keep expenses down.

Thanks from all of us at Antique Time.

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