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Ruch, Oregon Helicopter Fire Base

Ruch, Oregon is a very small town just a few miles outside of Medford.  In just a matter of a few days, the town grew with over 2500 firefighters and military troops who arrived to battle the Quartz fire.

Today we went out an took more photos of the area and the operations that are continuing as firefighters continue to try and contain this fire.

Erickson Air Crane is a local Medford company that flies air missions all over the world.  You may remember about 5 years ago, they used one of their helicopters to lift the statue back into place upon the dome of the capitol building in Washington, D.C.

The air crane in the following photos is one that has been adapted for firefighting.  Water is dropped onto fires using the long tube that hangs from the helicopter.

We Hope You Enjoy These Photos.

Ruch Helo Base

Small helicopter prepares for takeoff. Suspended buckets are used to drop water on fires.

Fire Truck Support.

Fire trucks standby in case of fire at the helo base.

Water Tanker.

Water is trucked in to fill helicopters.


Residents have placed hundreds of these signs along the roads leading to the fire area.

Base Camp.

Firefighters camp out along the river. Over 2000 tents have been erected.

Air Crane lands.

Erickson firefighting helicopter prepare to land and take on more water.

Drop Tube.

Here is a view of the water drop tube hanging from Air Crane as it prepares to land.

Touch Down.

Air Crane lands by the tanker.

Ground Crew.

The crew gets ready to load more water in crane's tank.

Another Takeoff.

With the Air Crane down, another large helicopter takes off to drop its load.

In the air.

Lift off and heading towards the forest fire.

On its way.

Helicopter is now about 150 feet in the air.

Towards fire.

Final rotation is complete, turns to go to fire scene.

500 feet.

Helicopter is now well on its way to deliver another water drop.

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