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The Sea Dweller was manufactured in 1967.  The first case design was model 1665 and the first movement used in these watches was the reliable 1575.  These versions were rather unique as the case tube contained two gaskets stacked on top of each other.  A matching gasket was also located in the crown.  The case tube also had another gasket at the base of the threads almost next to the case.

There is also another round gasket that is located under the bezel ring that holds the crystal in place.  This gasket fits into a groove and as the bezel ring is pressed into position two seals are created.  One as the ring holds the crystal in place and the other as the ring seats onto the case.

The case back also has one round gasket that fits into another groove.  When the case back is installed this forms the final seal on the watch.  This is important as these watches have a depth rating of 2000 feet or 610 meters.  The dials are also marked with this rating information.

The first versions of the Sea Dweller are very interesting as the back of the case is engraved.  This is not very common on most Rolex models.  The Sea Dweller also has a one-way gas escape valve which is located on the side of the stainless steel case opposite of the winding crown.  This valve allows for the release of helium gas which can build up inside of the watch case.  If this extreme pressure can't be vented through this valve during decompression it is possible that the crystal can blow out of the watch.

        The first two pictures show the reliable 1570 Rolex movement.  The first picture shows the helium escape valve.  This valve is held in place by the small gold colored spring that can be seen at the top of the picture.  The second picture shows the movement markings as well as the precision balance wheel.  The third picture shows the engraving on the case back.  This appeared on the 1665 Registered Design.  This is one of the few Rolex watches that are engraved with case back markings.


The four pictures above show the dial and the rotating bezel.  This rotating bezel can be turned in both directions.  It is amazing when you have one of these watches in a very dark room.  The markers on the dial as well as the hands are extremely bright as they glow in the dark.  Very useful when diving to great depths.