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Here are some of our friends and associates photos that have been shared with us over the years.  Be sure to view our Twitter feeds for Antique Time and Timebuilder located at the bottom of this page.

Karl The Gold and Diamond Guy.  Karl worked for RVCE for many years but has moved on.


George The Clock Guy.  He was one of our best friends and passed away several years ago.


       Stan at the shop.

Palm Springs, April, 2005      Stan visiting his sister in St. George, Utah.

The four pictures above are of Stan.  Stan is a Master Jeweler and Watchmaker.  He has worked behind the bench for well over 40 years.  Stan runs the shop and performs estimates on all watch and jewelry repairs.  Trained by Walter Warren in Salt Lake City as a diamond setter and by Joseph A. Saitta, Certified Master Watchmaker, 962, Stan loves to repair American pocket watches.  Stan also likes to make custom diamond bezels for  watches as well as rebuilding gold bands and watch cases.  Stan specializes in the repair of High Grade Wrist Watches along with vintage pocket watches made by Hamilton, Elgin, and Waltham and other American made pocket watches.

When not working in the shop, Stan travels around the country buying watches and old inventories of watch parts for use in the shop.  Stan also enjoys restoring vintage wrist watches and cutting custom crystals for wrist watches.

       This is Leina.  She worked for us in the shop for a long time.  She no longer is in the shop on a daily basis but is in contact with us daily.  She has been with us for a very long time both as a friend and coworker for over twelve years.  Funny but you can tell how old these pictures are because of the old CRT screen that has now been replaced with large flat screens.

Songkran Celebration In Thailand.
Songkran is the Thai New Year which is 2554.
It is a Thai tradition that during the celebration people toss water onto everyone or use squirt guns
to soak people.  The people below are our friends at ASCO Travel in Bangkok.


The cool looking guy on the left is our very old friend Charlie Freshman.  He is the owner of Freshman's Jewelers Supply
which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We go back over 40 years and grew up in the jewelry trade together.


We are proud members of eBay since December 25, 1999.

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