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This is a Rolex Tudor Sub Mariner.  The dial is marked Tudor, Oyster Prince.  The lower portion of the dial is marked 200 M - 660 Ft. , Rotor, Self Winding.  This watch also features a rotating bezel which turns in both directions.


The pictures below show the movement after the auto wind mechanism has been removed.  Notice the large ratchet wheel in the first two pictures.  You will see a very thin strap that goes across the ratchet wheel.  This strap is held in with two small screws.  This strap keeps the ratchet wheel in place so that it does not ride up on the barrel arbor.  This strap must be removed in order to replace the mainspring.  The mainspring for this movement is Bestfit MSS-WA76.  It measures 6.5 X 10.5 X 12.25.  This mainspring also fits Rolex 720, 740 and 745 movements.


Following are some pictures of the movement that shows the details of the oscillating weight and how it attaches to the movement.  You will notice the large brass wheel in the lower portion of the pictures.  This wheel engages the auto wind mechanism.  This wheel is installed after the auto wind mechanism is installed.  It is held in place by a small steel spring that slides into a groove in the upper portion of the barrel arbor.

The last picture shows the inside of the case back.  It has a design number of 7928 stamped on it.  You will also notice another number or stamping which is III.64.  This indicates that this watch was manufactured in the third quarter of 1964.


Rolex Sub Mariner Registered Design 16800


This Sub Mariner uses the 3035 movement.  The dial is marked Submariner, 1000 ft. 300m.  The dial also indicates that the watch is a Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified.  The 6 position also has the marking Swiss T<25.  The 16800 design is typically used as a divers watch.  The case tube is extra large and contains two tube gaskets along with one that fits around the outside of the case tube.  The crown is a Triplock type.  Pictures of the 3035 movement can be found in other sections on this site and are not shown here.

Rolex Submariner Red Letter Dial

The Red Letter Submariner Rolex is a favorite of most collectors.  Finding these watches is good condition is getting more difficult as time goes on.  The following watch has a 1570 movement and the design number is 1680.  The serial number of the movement is 46784.  The dial has the Submariner printed in red.  The markers are not framed as seen in later models.  Many of these dials have been refinished, however, true originals bring several thousand dollars for just the dial alone.  This Submariner was purchased new in the 1960's for a little over $200.00.


This is the original Rolex Red Dial Submariner.  Note the nice Submariner lettering that almost appears raised.


Rolex movement 1570 removed from the case showing the Submariner red letter dial.  Notice how the hour markers are printed on the dial as well as the standard Rolex markings.  Here you can see how the Submariner marking seems to be raised.



Pictures showing the Rolex 1570 movement of this Submariner.  Notice the blue colored hairspring.  Many of these watches also have the hairspring guard which keeps the coils from jumping when the watch is bumped.  These are very reliable movements and contain 26 jewels.


This is the Submariner as it has been fully serviced.  The customer wanted the original crystal left intact and not replaced.  It was lightly polished.  The rotating bezel was removed and cleaned so the it again rotates in both directions.  The case was polished and new gaskets installed.  The watch was missing the original band so a high quality aftermarket Italian stainless steel band was installed.