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America's oldest watch company.  Known for fantastic movement designs and beautiful raised gold jewel settings.  Wind indicator watches were perfected by Waltham and are highly sought after. 



Waltham Model 1892 Pocket Watches.
The first is the Crescent Street and the second is the Vanguard Model.

Waltham, The Most Scientifically Built Watch In The World.
This Waltham advertisement shows the unique jeweled mainspring barrel. 


Waltham Model 1888.


The Waltham Model 1888 is a very beautiful pocket watch.  The example above shows a typical 17 jeweled movement.  These movements do not have the raised gold jewel settings and the damaskeened pattern on the movement is not as elaborate as the 19 jeweled versions such as the one shown below.  The example shown below is very beautiful with raised gold jewel settings along with the beautiful damaskeened pattern on the movement.  This watch is mounted in a very historic 14 karat gold case.  The history of this fine watch is very rich and colorful.  This 19 jeweled version rivals the Waltham Model 1872 both in appearance and rarity.




Notice The Beautiful Patterns Under The Dial And The Raised Gold Jewel Settings.


Notice The Mainspring Barrel And The Solid Gold Gear Train.


Notice The Engraving On The Cover Of This 14kt. U. S. Assay Case.

Another View Of The Movement Mounted In Its Case.



Antique Time Pocket Watches

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