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Weird Links To Dreamland

Dreamland, a step just beyond reality in the night.  Things that can't be seen, yet are as real as the air we breathe.  This is Dreamland.  For the past 15 years I have enjoyed listening to Art Bell's overnight radio talk show "Coast to Coast AM."  Art explores the world beyond, UFOs, the paranormal and just about everything in between.  Many of the links below are from his program.

Art would always caution his listeners not to believe everything you hear on his program, and that it was just entertainment.  The same applies to these links to the weird.  Here you can read some very interesting articles on just about every subject you can imagine.  Remember, it is just entertainment, nothing more.

So sit back, and enjoy these "Links To The Weird," and get Ready to take a Ride to Dreamland.



Coast to Coast AM With Art Bell.  Broadcast From Pahrump, NV.
Explorations In Science with Dr. Michio Kaku
Coast to Coast AM With New Host George Noory.
British UFO Research Assn.  Do they have them there also?
Mutual UFO Network.  Report UFO sightings here.  MUFON
The Paradigm Clock.  Neat web site, fun to visit.
Richard C. Hoagland's Enterprise Mission.  Fun articles to read.
Want to know "How Things Work" find out here.
The Real X Files as reported by Linda Moulton Howe
Wacky uses for common household products.  This is fun.
Want To Know More Than Just Top Secret?  Go Here.
Computer Problems Visit the Kim Komando Radio Show.
Wayne Green.  Very interesting person.  Get to know him here.
United States Dept. of Defense Up-To-Date Defense Link Info.



Listen to Art Bell
From 10:00PM to 2:00AM Pacific Time
If you don't know where to find him
Just Spin The Dial, He's All Over The Place

"Ready To Take A Ride"

Art Bell retired after a 15 year run of his Coast to Coast AM radio show on December 31, 2002.  His final regular program featured predictions for the 2003 year.  Art says he will return next year to do the prediction show again.  Art will also fill in every now and then to relieve the new host of the program, George Noory.  We have tons of pictures to share with you of Art and George.  As soon as we edit them we will place them here.

The retirement of Art has really left a great void for us here in Medford and Central Point, Oregon.  The Coast to Coast headquarters here has now closed which resulted in 25 people loosing their jobs.  Many of these people became friends of ours as one of our shops was located right across the street from their offices.

Art did not leave radio totally.  He and his wife Ramona built a wonderful FM station in Pahrump, Nevada where Art and Ramona reside.  The call sign is KNYE and broadcasts on 95.1 FM.  Be sure to visit their web site at KNYE.COM.  Why KNYE, simple, Nye county Nevada.  As Art always referred to it as the Kingdom of NYE.  Thanks for the ride Art.

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